Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

My Loves

Call this my Valentine's Day post. This lady can be so sweet (and spicy too) at times. Lately, she will just tell us she loves us, unprompted. We also have a game. I used to say "hey Em, guess what?" and she would just look at me. I would then say "I love you!" Now she comes up to me, and in one phrase says "mom, guess what, I love you!" or "you know what? I love you!" She also is full of compliments: I like your sweater, I like your drink, I like your pillow, you're a nice girl mommy, you're a good boy daddy. Now she is asking questions: do you like biscuits? what are you doing? what do you want for lunch? do you like warm milk? do you like cold milk?

This of course is another love of my life, especially when he is doing dishes! We have had the arrangement for awhile that if I make supper, he'll clean up and do dishes. This is a huge blessing when we entertain others because I still get to visit guests and not miss the show because of cleaning up. Every night he takes Em to brush her teeth, read stories, pray, do a Bible verse and put her in bed. He is usually the one taking out the trash, and is always the one to double check a secure house at night. He makes Emersen laugh, and me, more than anyone else. He keeps me on schedule for our shows, which is a running joke with us. As he pursues his passions and the direction God sends him, I love him more each day.

This is Em at her TV table. When I was taking down Christmas decorations, which WAS before February but towards the end of January, our table was covered with boxes so we ate in the living room. Em helped me carry her table into the living room and then set our TV tables with napkins and forks. It was an adventure for her!

Happy Valentine's Day!